MD-DC-VA Silent Film Screenings

Please check w/ theaters to confirm below information. 
Internet Movie Database – links are provided to provide more information about films.

JUNE 2017
Library of Congress Audio-Visual Conservation Center – Culpeper, Va
19053 Mt. Pony Road, Culpeper, VA 22701
Thursday Jun 1 at 11:30pm Eastern Standard Time – Last day to register for Mostly Lost VI– A Film Identification Workshop.   Website to register & more information:
Contact: Rachel Del Gaudio (formerly Parker) and Rob Stone, LOC,
Email –
Smithsonian Museum of American History – Washington, DC
Warner Bros. Theatre, 14th St & Constitution Avenue, NW, Washington, DC
Sunday Jun 4 at 2:00pm – Crossroads (1928, 87 min) dir by Teinosuke Kinugasa. From the Smithsonian’s webpage: << Teinosuke Kinugasa followed his now-famous experimental silent film A Page of Madness with this equally innovative psychological portrait. Crossroads centers on a brother and sister living amid the Yoshiwara pleasure quarters of old Edo, which Utamaro often depicted in this works. Filmed entirely at night, Kinugasa’s film creates a menacing, chiaroscuro vision of the Yoshiwara at odds with traditional cinematic representations of the era, launching a new form of visually and emotionally nuanced silent cinema. (Dir.: Teinosuke Kinugasa, Japan, 1928, 87 min., 35mm, silent with English intertitles). >>
Live musical accompaniment by Andrew Simpson!  Website
Free admission!  Smithsonian/American History website
Nearest Metro stations – Smithsonian (Blue/Orange/Silver line), Navy Memorial/Archives (Yellow/Green lines), Federal Triangle (Blue/Orange/Silver lines).
Library of Congress Audio-Visual Conservation Center – Culpeper, Va
19053 Mt. Pony Road, Culpeper, VA 22701
Thursday Jun 15 – Saturday Jun 17 – Mostly Lost VI– A Film Identification Workshop.
Evening shows – open to the public:
Thursday Jun 15 at 7:30pm –
          Now We’re In the Air (1927, 22 min) and
          Corporal Kate (1926, 85 min)
Friday Jun 16 at 7:30pm –
          The Devil (1915, 42 min)
          The Were-Tiger (1917, 46 min)
          The Stolen Play (1917, 46 min)
Saturday Jun 17 at 7:30pm – Rogues and Romance (1920, 53 min)
            plus a 15 min short.
Live music accompaniment by Ben Model, Andrew Simpson, and Phil Carli!
Free admission to evening shows!
Contact: Rachel Del Gaudio (formerly Parker) and Rob Stone, LOC,
Email –
Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts – Annapolis, MD
801 Chase Street, Annapolis, MD 21401
Thursday June 29 at 6:30pm – CD Release Concert & Film Program! Andrew Greene and the Peacherine Ragtime Society Orchestra will release their third CD, Elite Syncopations!, featuring the PRSO’s debut of their score for Charlie Chan’s The Pawnshop (1916, 24 min).   PRSO website
Information / tkts –
Maryland Hall website       Maryland Hall tel – 410-263-5544.
JULY 2017
AFI/Silver – Silver Spring, MD
8633 Colesville Road, Silver Spring, MD 20910
Saturday July 8 at 2:30pm – TV personality Gore De Vol (Dick Dyszel) introduces  Tarantula (1955, 80 min. Not a silent but …) From the Silver’s website: << I >>
Tkts $13 / $10 seniors / $8 kids / $9.50 members
Saturday July 8 at 7:30pm – TV personality Gore De Vol (Dick Dyszel) introduces Alien (1979, 117 min. Not a silent but …)
Tkts $13 / $10 seniors / $8 kids / $9.50 members
Tel 301- 495-6700    Theatre  Website
Logan Fringe Arts Space: Trinidad Theatre – Washington, DC
1358 Florida Avenue,NE, Washington, DC 20002
The Capital Fringe Festival presents a play about the silent-era siren, “Clara Bow: Becoming ‘It'” (90 min) by Alia Faith Williams devised by The Cast and Crew, directed by Heather Whitpan, featuring Brett Abelman, Seth Alcorn, Nick DePinto, Rebecca Ellis, Maggie Robertson, Charlene Smith, Nora Spellane, Andrew Quilpa.
Recommended for ages 13 yrs and up.
Saturday July 8 at 10:00pm
Sunday July 9 at 4:00pm
Tuesday July 11 at 5:00pm
Friday July 14 at 7:45pm
Tuesday July 18 at 7:15pm
Saturday July 22 at 3:45pm
Tickets $17    Capital Fringe Festival Button required for admission    Fringe website
Library of Congress Audio-Visual Conservation Center – Culpeper, Va
19053 Mt. Pony Road, Culpeper, VA 22701
Saturday July 15 at 7:30pm – Breakfast at Sunrise (1927, 62 min) starring Constance Talmadge (one of Buster Keaton’s sisters-in-law). From the LOC’s website:
<< Wealthy Parisienne Madeline (Constance Talmadge) and penniless Pierre (Don Alvarado), decide to teach their respective unfaithful sweethearts a lesson by getting married to each other, then divorce when their current partners are properly repentant. But things do not necessarily go according to plan. Malcolm St. Clair directed this light romantic comedy that features Bryant Washburn and Alice White as the other halves of the foursome along with Marie Dressler, cast as a worldly-wise queen. Also on the program is the 1927 Our Gang Comedy short “Baby Brother.” >>
Live music accompaniment by Andrew Simpson!  Website
Free admission! Reservations not needed. Information: 202-707-9994.
Saturday July 29 at 2:00pm – SILENT WESTERN DOUBLE FEATURE:
The Last of the Line (1914, 20 min). From the LOC’s website: << Sioux leader Chief Gray Otter (Joe Goodboy) sends his son Tiah (Sessue Hayakawa) off to a “white man’s school” so that he can become a great leader. But the son returns home as a worthless drunk and soon joins a group of renegades, forcing the father to make a decision. This Thomas Ince produced short drama features Sioux actors in most of the parts. >>
Tumbleweeds (1925, 78 min). From the LOC’s website: << Famed silent Western actor William S. Hart stars as cowboy Don Carver, who decides to get in on the Cherokee Strip Land Run in Oklahoma of 1893 and stake a claim as a homesteader. Directed by King Baggot, and produced by Hart in what was his final starring role, “Tumbleweeds” has been lauded as a seminal film of the silent era, unique in its depiction of Native Americans, not as villains but as Hart’s friends and for including African Americans among the land boomers. Noted film historian William K. Everson praised the land rush scene as “a superbly constructed piece of mass action, with overall excitement brilliantly welded to the individual vignette of sheer poetry — as in the wonderful shot of Hart seeming to fly through the sky as he races his pony over the crest of a hill.”  >>
Live music accompaniment by Ben Model! Website
Free admission! Reservations not needed. Information: 202-707-9994.  LOC website
Lackland Performing Arts Center – Hackettstown, NJ
715 Grand Avenue, Hackettstown, NJ
Saturday Aug 5 at 8:00pm – Masters of Silent Comedy (1920s silent shorts)
Live music accompaniment by Andrew Greene’s Peacherine Ragtime Society! Orchestra!  Website
For tickets and more information – visit Centenary Stage Co;
email:   or   tel 908-979-0900.
Constellation Theatre Company – Washington, DC
1835 14th Street, NW, Washington, DC
Wednesday Aug 9 at 7:30pm,
Thursday Aug 10 at 8:00pm,
Friday Aug 11 at 8:00pm,
Saturday Aug 12 at 3:00pm,
Saturday Aug 12 at 8:00pm,
Sunday Aug 13 at 3:00pm – The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920, 73 min)
Usually presented around Halloween, this silent horror film will be accompanied by composer & percussionist Tom Teasley, recent winner of the Helen Hayes Award for Outstanding Sound Design.  Teasley website      From the Constellation website:<< Combining ancient instruments with digital technology, Teasley’s original score will interplay with the film and its bold visual style. For the first time, Teasley will use an electronic analog synthesis reminiscent of twentieth-centry French composer Edgar Varese, also known as “The Father of Electronic Music.”

Teasley will also reflect the angular optics of the film using odd meter and additive rhythms inspired by both Igor Stravinsky and Middle Eastern traditions. Lastly, in keeping with Tom’s interest in current sounds, he will borrow contemporary urban rhythmic language from fellow Washington D.C. native DJ Spooky, who has also created an alternative score to the film.

A dangerous hypnotist uses a sleepwalker to commit murder in this quintessential work of German Expressionist cinema. Set in a jagged urban landscape and told with iconic visual style, this horror film reveals the fine line between sanity and madness. Award-winning percussionist Tom Teasley returns for a third time to create a powerful live underscore for Constellation’s silent film series. >>

Tkts on-line (w/ processing fee) or at box office:  $25 – 55 -see website for seating descriptions.         Tel (202) 204-7741            Theatre website
National Gallery of Art – Washington, DC
East Wing, lower level auditorium, 4th & Constitution Avenue, NW, Washington, DC

Saturday Aug 19 at 2:00pm – Le Miracle des Loups (1924, 75 min). From the NGA’s website:

<< The renowned French production company Gaumont has been producing major and minor masterpieces for 120 years. This summer, the National Gallery of Art pays homage to Gaumont on the occasion of this momentous anniversary with screenings of twelve matchless treasures — from the great to the little-known, from gangster
genre gems to auteurist literary legends. >> (See the NGA’s Summer 2017 calendar.)
Live music accompaniment by Andrew Simpson! Website
Free admisson!   NGA website
Nearest Metro stations – Smithsonian (Blue/Orange/Silver lines), Navy Memorial, Archives (Green & Yellow lines).
Nearby garages charge approx $30 – credit card or exact cash (no coins).

5 thoughts on “MD-DC-VA Silent Film Screenings

  1. Pingback: Welcome to DC Silents! | dcsilents

      • I’m probably preaching to the choir here, but silents aren’t truly silent, and without dialogue, the music plays a LARGER role than in sound film. Yes, info. on the accompaniment is always helpful.

  2. Terrific to find this blog. I try to get to silent screenings when I can, especially when there is organ accompaniment, but they can be hard to track down. THANK YOU THANK YOU for setting this up.


  3. Agreed. Thanks. I’m bookmarking this page. This is necessary, because there are SO MANY showings around DC/Balt. I’ve been scouring the googles and the weekly city arts papers to keep an eye on things, but that can be frustrating. (Especially when you see something awesome already happened, and you JUST missed it!).

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